2007 Kosta Browne Pinot Noir

kostabrowneI just received my allocation of 2007 Kosta Browne Pinot Noir, having finally earned a coveted spot on their mailing list during these tough economic times. Well, I should amend that statement: I earned a spot on their provisional list, which means that I’m entitled to some left-overs. I now have a couple bottles each of their 2007 Russian River Pinot and their 2007 Sonoma Coast Pinot. I’m tempted to pop one open and see how it tastes, but I’m going to give these wines some time to settle back into place. Eventually, however, I will open one of these bottles (most likely the Sonoma Coast) and report back here.

If you’ve already received and sampled your own Kosta Browne 2007 allotment, feel free to share your impressions in the comments below. Do it before all the critics issue their scores from atop Mount Olympus.

9 comments to 2007 Kosta Browne Pinot Noir

  • Corbin

    I received my KB on Tuesday as well. I will be laying down for at least a year. The ’07s are supposed to be spectacular so I am guessing WS will be all over their jock.

  • Kevin

    I finally got an allocation and bought 2 of each for my wife’s birthday present. It was also nice b/c we were married in 2007 and wanted to get a bunch of stuff from that year, which should be easy since California seems to be shaping up for a great vintage on both Pinot and Cabs. I look forward to trying these wines, as its been since the 2005 vintage that I’ve sampled them.

  • Timothy Giller

    Tried the full lineup at The World of Pinot Noir March 7th. The Russian River was phenomenal with the Sonoma Coast right behind it–Dan Kosta recommended laying it down for a year or 2 , if that is possible!!

  • erich

    I opened a 2007 sc the other night. Decanted for an hour+. It was wonderful.

  • Rick

    Received 4 bottles each of Sonoma Coast and Russian River. Opened the Sonoma Coast while attending the Taste of Solvang this past weekend. Taste of Solvang provided a tasting tour of 9 central coast wineries but going back to the hotel, and comparing all 9 wineries to the Sonoma Coast was an education in “the next level”. Beautifully balanced with a long, memorable aftertaste. Drank the bottle over the course of several hours and it continued to evolve into a memorable drinking experience.

  • Please tell me someone still has a bottle of 2007 Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir. I am in dire need of one bottle. Who has it and what is it going to cost me??????

  • ThirstyReader

    How dire is dire, really?

  • Dire defined is “extremely serious or urgent”. Need, need, need it. More than that, I want, want, want it. How’s that?

  • ThirstyReader

    Do you have anything interesting to trade, or are you looking to pay cash?

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