Pollo a la Brasa @ Limon Rotisserie, Mission District, San Francisco

Pollo a la Brasa: One of the few rotisserie chickens that can actually compete with fried chicken. The bird is incredible on its own, although the trio of sauces (partially pictured in the upper left) take the dish in additional directions.

I’ve always had terrific meals at Limon Rotisserie in San Francisco. If I actually lived in city limits — and if I wasn’t always trying to visit new and different places — I’d probably eat there every week (I felt the same way about Versailles when I lived in Los Angeles). I’m totally sold at this point, and for me, ordering the addictive chicharron de pollo is usually non-negotiable. However, in the interest of eating something different, I ordered the dishes pictured above and below (please click the photos for a better look).

Sometimes it’s risky to turn your back on your old favorites: Have you ever ordered something, only to wish (halfway through the meal) that you had gone with an old standby? Of course you have. And there’s nothing quite so deflating as seeing that same favorite dish at another table, a reminder what could have been. I suppose the measure of any great restaurant is that you can skip your favorites and not necessarily miss them. That’s consistency.

Lomito Saltado: One of Peru’s national dishes, typically known as lomo saltado. Soy sauce plays heavily in the flavor profile, which may seem odd, but which is true nonetheless.

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  • Roy

    The soy sauce in lomo saltado makes perfect sense when you think about Peruanas as mixtisto; not mixed in the racial sense, but in the cultural sense. Peru is still Aztec, is still Spaniard, is still Chechua, is still Ribereno, is still Pagan, and is still Christian. About 150 years ago, just like here in California, lots of Europeans and Asians arrived, so Peru is also adoptive of those cultures.

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