Ballpark Eats: The Outta Here Cheesesteak @ AT&T Park

Seedy character: The Cheesesteak Sandwich @ Outta Here Cheesesteaks, AT&T Park.

I’m not ready to give up on the San Francisco Giants just yet, but I have given up on my chances of visiting AT&T Park for another ballgame this year. Even if the Giants can somehow survive the Reds, there’s little chance that playoff tickets will fall into my hands. So before the 2012 baseball season draws to an end, I have to mention the Outta Here Cheesesteak, pictured above, that I enjoyed a couple weeks ago. The sandwich is pretty good by ballpark standards, but maybe not as noteworthy or unique as the one across the way at Crazy Crab’z, which neatly captures an essence of San Francisco. Then again, I’ll bet Outta Here is still as good as any cheesesteak sold at a Phillies home game. Just a hunch.


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