Lunch: Pork Ribs @ Brown Sugar Kitchen, West Oakland

Pork Ribs @ The Brown Sugar Kitchen, West Oakland.

I’ve often turned to the Brown Sugar Kitchen for the smoked chicken gumbo and the fried oyster po-boy; both dishes would easily meld into the culinary landscape of New Orleans, the gumbo especially. However, having eaten maybe six or seven po-boys while I was recently in the Crescent City, today presented an opportunity to expand my horizons and to cover some different items on the BSK menu. I decided upon the pineapple brown sugar glazed ribs, just because I’d never ordered them before. As I’d hoped, the ribs proved duly tender, with terrific char, and a pungent smoke flavor that countered the subtle sweetness of the glaze. However, as much as I do enjoy a succulent pork rib, the fried oyster po-boy will remain the obvious choice for most future visits. And always order the mac and cheese for $1 extra, no matter what.

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  • godfather

    thanks to you and the rest of the cia group i am now unable to wear just about all my clothes. I actually had to pull out my full figured phil pants. Crawfish are finally starting to come down in price and we have a boil planned this sunday. Any moves will require a gym membership for us both