Random Food and Wine Photos

As a professional cook, I’ve seen lots of mushroom varietals over the years, but somehow I had never seen pink oyster mushrooms. Really amazing colors, but I wonder if they retain their brilliance after cooking? Probably not. Snapped at Far West Fungi in the San Francisco Ferry Building.

No, I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth. My recent lack of posts simply means that life is actually far more amazing than usual. However, I do plan on getting this blog back on track, starting this week. Thank you for your patience. For now, I’ve got a few long-overdue photos that have been lingering in my “to do” folder. Enjoy!

If you live in wine country, then you know that this photo is a few months old. The wild mustard has mostly passed, and I’m sure this fallow vineyard looks quite different today. It may even have vines by now. Snapped during a Sonoma wine-tasting session.

• • •

Even though it’s located in the Oxbow Market, I feel that Ca’ Momi is often overlooked. In the kitchen where I work, all the cooks are really bullish on these pies, and for good reason. We were just discussing this pizza today during a quick break. This is their Margherita pizza.

• • •

The Boudain sausage I brought back from Cochon in New Orleans was vanquished at a barbecue last week. I served it to friends on Saltine crackers with Crystal hot sauce, the proper way. This red neon sign is a beacon on Tchoupitoulas Street.

• • •

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