The Cheesesteak Sandwich @ I.B.’s Hoagies, Berkeley

Yes, please.

I began 2011 with a late lunch at I.B.’s Hoagies on Saturday, and if I had ever been a student at the UC Berkeley Campus, this sandwich would’ve certainly been part of my curriculum. The tiny storefront on Durant is I.B.’s original location, first established in 1990, although there is a now a second location on San Pablo Avenue in Oakland. Pictured above is I.B.’s cheesesteak sandwich, fully dressed, but also in need of some hot sauce and some hot peppers (fortunately, I.B.’s offers both items as condiments). Even if you have staunch ties to Philadelphia, this cheesesteak sandwich still deserves some shine. It’s delicious, and the bread was warm and well-toasted — perfect for a drizzly New Year’s Day.

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