Chelsea Gems @ The Hog Island Oyster Company, San Francisco

Brought to you today by the letter R: Two dozen Chelsea Gem oysters.

Maybe it was because it was happy hour, or maybe San Francisco just loves oysters, but Hog Island Oyster Company was doing brisk business on Monday at the Ferry Building. Sam and I were lucky to grab a seat at the bar when we did, and it was her idea to sip some Cava until the oysters went half-price at 5 o’clock. Sancerre and Muscadet followed and flowed. If you consider the old rule of thumb — that oysters are best in months that contain the letter “R” — then early January falls right in the middle of the sequence (the fattest part of the bell curve, where the curve is a function of flavor). If you’re ever going to slurp an oyster — I will NOT use that silly little fork — then now’s the time.

2 comments to Chelsea Gems @ The Hog Island Oyster Company, San Francisco

  • Sometimes I wake up on Sundays and all I can think about is Hog Island. I debate whether or not it’s worth the 1.5 hour drive (I always decide it is) and I am never disappointed. Thanks for the reminder :)

  • Zach

    I just had a fried oyster sandwich at a 144 year old restaurant in Pittsburgh. It was surprisingly tasty. Perhaps I’m a recipient of the “R” legend?

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