Chicken & Waffle @ Auntie April's Soul Food, Hunters Point, SF

Don’t get me wrong, I’ll take a little more.

Ever since the San Francisco Giants found a new home outside of Candlestick Park, I haven’t had much reason to journey down to Hunters Point anymore. But chicken and waffles is motivation enough to make the trek, and I was interested to follow up on a tip that I had heard about Auntie April’s Chicken n’ Waffles. The waffle, compared to the one I most recently tasted at the Brown Sugar Kitchen, didn’t have the same character or panache, but that said, it did arrive hot and well-buttered. It was still tasty, just not crispy or especially memorable. The fried chicken, on the other hand, was incredibly good, crispy to the last bite, even after I slathered it liberally with hot sauce. It’s some of the best fried chicken in the city. The kicker, however, was that the entire plate pictured above was only $6.25 (at the time), which may speak to the low overhead of Auntie April’s Hunters Point location. If you’re ever headed to the Niner game, this would make an excellent pre-tailgate breakfast.

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