Eating the Here and the Now: Community-Supported Agriculture

Organic Orange Blossom Tomatoes: So Fresh and So Clean

I started a community-supported agriculture (CSA) subscription from Riverdog Farm this week, which I’m splitting with a friend. In this age of factory farming, it’s interesting to place oneself at the mercy of strict seasonality. However, summer is definitely a great time of year to eat seasonally. Tomatoes, corn, peaches, cherries and apples are just a few of the highlights. It’s been uncommonly cool here in the Napa Valley this summer, and I know that the growing season is way off schedule for Napa Cabernet. I suspect that this season’s tomato plants are also lagging a bit behind, since my own garden has yielded very little thus far. Plus, I just haven’t seen the really killer heirloom tomatoes yet this year, though I also haven’t been trolling the local farmer’s markets as much as I’d like. The great thing about a CSA subscription, however, is that the growers will keep you current with what’s available, and it’s assembled every week. This week’s offering included Orange Blossom tomatoes, a noteworthy early-ripener. If they’re small enough, I scoop them out with a teaspoon and eat them with a splash of high-quality vinaigre de Xérèz and a generous twist of fresh black pepper. What could be better?

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