More CSW Study Aids: Digital Flashcards for Italian Wines

Ever since I posted my own insight regarding the Certified Specialist of Wine (CSW) exam, I’ve been receiving hundreds of searches per week on the subject, and many folks have downloaded the study guide that I created to help myself pass the test last year. As I’ve mentioned here before, the subject of Italian wine remains one of the most challenging topics to learn. Not only does this subject require one to (a) learn all of the states in Italy, but it also involves (b) learning the sheer number of varietals in production. Then, what complicates things further is that (c) some grapes have different names in different Italian regions, and (d) many different grapes have similar-sounding names across these regions. For those people first beginning to sort out these unfamiliar terms, repetition is the only real way to establish a foothold on the subject (first master the vocabulary, then learn all the production details). Since rote memorization is the only realistic approach in this case, flashcards can certainly facilitate the learning process. In fact, there’s really no better study aid for this sort of task.

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Although flashcards remain a bit of an old-fashioned approach, I put a modern spin on them by going paperless. It occurred to me the other day, why carry around a rubber-banded stack of index cards when you can just as easily store and review this data on your cell phone? One really nice feature to these cell phone flashcards is that you can hold your screen upright to see the front and the back of each card at the same time. On the other hand, viewing your phone horizontally presents the front and the back sides of each flashcard individually. I have this web page bookmarked in my cell phone browser, so that a couple quick taps will open the flashcards below.

• • • Click here to open the Italian wine flashcards • • •

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