Food & Art Appreciation: Jack Kleinberg


Jack Kleinberg, Gene’s Po-Boys, 1991-2006

I don’t know much about Jack Kleinberg, but I found these images while reminiscing over Gene’s Po-Boy the other day. From the date of his work, I assume that Kleinberg relocated to Los Angeles after Hurricane Katrina. I find it strangely fascinating that one of Kleinberg’s Los Angeles subjects is Tito’s Tacos, which was one of my guiltiest pleasures as an Angelino. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem as though Kleinberg has an official site for his work, but he does have a gallery, if you click here. Although Tito’s and Gene’s are nearly 2,000 miles apart, both spots are located just a few blocks from the 10 Freeway.


Jack Kleinberg, Tito’s Tacos, 2007

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  • Jack Kleinberg is alive and well and high and dry having exited PRE Katrina and painting beautifully as always somewhere out in the sticks near Crossroads Mississippi. Sho nuf dat be some duppy sounding kinda ting, neh?

    The PO calls it as Poplarville MS because no one can find Crossroads except maybe after midnight. You can probably find his number in the phonebook there, just call him up and just you TRY to buy a painting from the irascible lad, just try…

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