Shawn Kenney: Will Paint for Food

Somehow, I stumbled upon the “Will Paint for Food” project that has been happening since 2006 in Providence, RI. The artist providing the work behind this fund-raiser is Shawn Kenney, who creates some captivating food-related paintings. Most of these paintings are very small, usually just 4×6 inches, and are composed of acrylic on panel.

Kenney paints one of these small pieces each day, as a warm-up to more serious work. I find that rate of output amazing, especially since many of these paintings really do capture the essence of their subjects with just a few dabs of color. The pre-packaged-food paintings are my favorites, although many of the other still lifes are equally stunning.

Many of these images don’t have dates, but I believe they were all painted within the last two years or so. To visit the artist’s official site, or to learn more about the “Will Paint for Food” project, please click here.

Pop Tart

Shawn Kenney, Pop Tart, 2006-2007


Shawn Kenney Blue Cheese

Shawn Kenney, Blue Cheese, 2006-2007


Shawn Kenney Hot Dogs

Shawn Kenney, Hot Dogs, 2006-2007


Shawn Kenney Salt & Pepper

Shawn Kenney, Salt & Pepper, 2006-2007


Shawn Kenney Amarone

Shawn Kenney, Amarone, 2006-2007


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