Food Labeling Laws: Et Tu, Nutella?

I don’t think that anyone has ever claimed that Nutella was actually healthy, but some proposed European Union (EU) labeling laws have placed Italy’s much-adored, chocolate-hazelnut spread in a sticky situation (I apologize, that’s my best material at the moment). Apparently, it’s not just Americans who have been grazing their way towards obesity for the last several decades, but weight-related health issues are also beginning to plague the citizens across the Atlantic as well. In order to enact change, the EU has recently drafted a measure that would mandate more conspicuous labelling for foods that have especially high percentages of sugar, salt and fat. This sweeping reform would snare Nutella in its web, and Italians are already bristling at the possible repercussions. Their worst fear is that Nutella will disappear altogether, although this outlook smacks of alarmism. Personally, I don’t think Nutella is going anywhere, but I do respect a nation that fosters such passion for its culinary traditions (Nutella made its debut in 1964). And anyhow, I thought that drinking red wine automatically counteracted the negative effects of a high-fat diet? Read more from the Associated Press

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