The Fried Chicken Dinner @ Boon Fly Café, Napa


Winner, Winner: The Fried Chicken Dinner @ Boon Fly Café, Napa Carneros.

Submitted for your approval, my long-overdue snapshot of the fried chicken plate ($21) at Boon Fly Café in Carneros (otherwise known as the best fried chicken in the Bay Area). Perfectly brined, perfectly cooked, with just enough breading to let the skin take center stage. It’s one of those spot-on comfort foods that always seems to taste even better than I had remembered. My only real complaint, if you can even call it one, is that the Boon Fly Cafe doesn’t offer its guests a proper Southern-style hot sauce (the restaurant does offer Tabasco, but nothing as food-friendly as Crystal, Red Rooster or Louisiana Brand). Without a decent sauce option, I always eat this fried chicken as it is — plain — and it’s absolutely delicious. But just once, I would love to bathe this bird in Crystal Hot Sauce.

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