Project Food Blog 2010: Round One

With nearly 2,000 participants registered for Foodbuzz’s Project Food Blog, I certainly haven’t entered this competition expecting to become the next Food Blog Star. The statistics just aren’t in my favor — not by a long shot. Even if I actually believed that my blog was the most deserving blog in the competition, I still wouldn’t like my chances, just based upon the simple mathematics. There are just so many other great blogs out there, with many that I probably don’t even know about yet. However, I will go for the gusto regardless, and I’ll try not to think too far beyond the first round, which remains a long shot in its own right. I hope to one day make a career out of blogging, so I’m already pretty adept at living in denial. What do I really care about odds, anyway? Odds ain’t nothing but a number.

Winning is always preferable, of course, but what I truly hope to gain through Project Food Blog is increased readership, if only on a small scale. Like most people who blog, I never did it for the money, because the money has never been there. I blog because it gives me a good reason to write, and writers need readers. Sure, I would probably continue to blog, even without an audience, but having a readership has been a real bonus for me. More than going the distance and winning this entire competition, I’m really just hoping to sneak past the first round, with the idea that I could get a nice bump in traffic as the competition continues. Hey, even though I don’t expect to be elected prom king, I’d still like to get invited to the dance.

• • •

I’m struggling with the idea of campaigning for Project Food Blog — it’s just not my style — but I can also be pretty shameless when push comes to shove. So, if you’re still with me, I present some of the biographical details that help to make me unique as a food blogger, things that my mother might even mention: I live and work here in the Napa Valley; I don’t fear gluttony one bit; I worship the pig and all of its porcine goodness; I have a professional background in print and online journalism; I’ll drive 30 miles and pay a $5 bridge toll for an $8 bowl of noodles; I’m a CIA graduate (honors) with a couple of years spent in Michelin-star kitchens; I’m a Certified Specialist of Wine (CSW); I’m a past winner of the Napa Valley Vintners Battle of the Palates; I’m a big dreamer, and I blog about food and wine because this has become the natural progression for me; I am the Accidental Wino, and I deal in human fulfillment.

If you enjoy food and wine as much as I do, then you may one day find yourself traveling to the Napa Valley. When you do, a blog like the Accidental Wino offers a terrific inside perspective, an informed opinion that’s rooted within my own passion for food and wine. The Accidental Wino is free, of course, and I recommend reading it while you’re on the job (you work hard enough already). You might read my blog to live vicariously, or you may take my recommendations as your own inspiration. With the Accidental Wino, what you see is what you get: I don’t promote riff-raff, nor do I fall prey to the moneyed hype. I’m not impressed by rampant opulence (unless it’s really rampant), but I can certainly admire a great Cabernet and a mountain-top vista.

Sure, my blog will occasionally offer a recipe for curried dates (pictured above), but as the Accidental Wino, I’m primarily focused on the juice, and I have a front-row seat to one of the world’s top food and wine destinations. I’m here for you, plain and simple. If you don’t know anyone else here in the Napa Valley, you at least know me. Right? Now, how about a quick vote for your buddy?

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