In Photos: Lunches I Have Known

The #16 at La Morenita Taqueria in Napa. Aside from the rice and beans pictured, this whole fried fish comes with a side of corn tortillas. Deconstructing the pescado might require some effort and patience, especially from those who may not be used to dealing with whole fish (and the presence of pin bones). You really have to want it, I suppose.

• • •

My springtime gardening project has occupied much of my free time lately, as I’ve slowly reclaimed the backyard from a winter’s worth of weeds. I’ve purchased five or six heirloom tomato plants for the season, and I’ve also made a firm commitment to buy better tomato cages this year. Last year, my tomato plants became so bountiful that once they grew fruit, their weight eventually brought my flimsy, entry-level tomato cages to the ground. To combat this issue in 2010, I’ve recently acquired the heaviest tomato cages I could find, hoping to prevent my future harvests from developing ground-rot. Frankly, if I knew a local welder, I’d take it one step further and I’d commission some super-heavyweight, custom-made tomato cages (ideally, I’m thinking about rebar construction, a simple square design, and a dark-green powder-coat finish). Maybe next year. To fill some blog space in the meantime, I have a four-pack of lunchtime photos that I never before had a chance to publish. They’re all from local Napa spots, except for one.

• • •

Since the Boon Fly Cafe does not offer their fried chicken until 5pm, sometimes we have to make exceptions with our lunchtime options. The classic club sandwich is always a decent fall-back plan, especially when it's served on toasted sourdough, as above. Club sandwiches should always be too tall to easily eat. That way, when the toasted bread scrapes up your gums, the bacon and mayo can enter straight into your bloodstream.

• • •

In homage to tomato season, which cannot get here fast enough: Back in September 2009, this tomato and watermelon salad (that's not pineapple; it's yellow melon) was the daily special at Out the Door in the Union Square Mall. Ridiculously vibrant colors and garish, florescent indoor lighting foreshadow a great contrast of salty and sweet. Not bad, for the mall. Only in San Francisco.

• • •

An Italian sub from Genova Delicatessen in Napa. As a sandwich, it's as honest as they come (not fancy, but good), capturing that quitessential Italian-American aesthetic. Aside from the deli itself, Genova has a great selection of imported food items, most notably, canned San Marzano tomatoes (without a doubt, the finest sauce tomatoes in the world).

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  • Hey there, found your site from Chowhound. You’re so right about the crusty bread scrapping your gums so the bacon and mayo can go straight to your bloodstream!
    Love your site; keep it up!

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