In Photos: Prelude to Bacon

Many people may claim to love bacon, but I say that unless you’re willing to make it yourself at home, then it’s probably just infatuation. As my way to gear-up for the BLT season ahead (let’s just call tomato season what it really is), I’m going to spend the next couple of days curing and smoking the pork belly pictured above. Look at it. It’s a lovely porcine specimen — only a shade under three pounds — with a nice, uniform thickness. But despite these auspicious beginnings, this piece of belly is really no more than a meager caterpillar, destined to one day become a beautiful butterfly. Do stay tuned, and if you need your pork belly fix in the meantime, I spent five delicious days on braised five-spice pork belly last year.

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  • I agree–it is BLT season, NOT tomato season. If the tomatoes in my garden think they’re being grown to be enjoyed in some raw, vegan, macrobiotic organic salad plate, they’re wrong!
    I’m excited to see the rest of this unfold. Keep us updated!

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