In Photos: Some Images from the Cutting Room Floor…

I have all kinds of stories simmering on the back-burners right now, including my first impressions of Long Meadow Ranch’s Farmstead Restaurant in St. Helena (this restaurant review will be the very next item published on this site — stay tuned). Also, before we get too far into springtime, I want to share my own personal recipe for Cajun red beans and rice, which I’ve carefully developed over the years (and from about half a dozen vintage New Orleans cookbooks — more about those, as well). Plus, for sentimental reasons, I’m also planning a review of the venerable House of Prime Rib on Van Ness in San Francisco. And then last but not least, I’ve got some results from a couple blind tastings of Napa Cabernet. Anyhow, I will eventually get to all of these items.

For now, I recently purged my digital camera, and I gathered a few photos that never made the blog the first time around…

This mossy rock was photograhped at the Botanical Garden in San Francisco. I spend a lot of time in the park, since it’s a cheap and peaceful way to kill time between meals (otherwise, I’m headed to the cinema and trying not to order the large tub of popcorn).

• • •

This window treatment was photographed in Pittsburgh’s Strip District, right around the corner from Primanti Brothers. I attended a wedding in West Pennsylvania over the summer, and made sure to get a couple meals in the Steel City on my way out of town. Although I didn’t have a chance to eat at this particular restaurant, I liked the lines of this simple drawing. Out of context, the twirling pizza dough might be mistaken to mean infinity, which I also liked (pizza is greater than we are).

• • •

For those who have never visited Northern California, Caspers is a mini-chain hot dog stand with a handful of Bay Area locations. This building, which boasts an interior design that complements the overall architecture, is located on San Pablo Avenue in Albany (just a little north of Berkeley). The hot dogs themselves didn’t photograph that well, not that they weren’t tasty.

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