Scoop: Brenda Buenviaje to open a Po-Boy Shop in the Fillmore

Coming soon to the Fillmore District...

I’ve got a few interesting news stories to break in the next couple weeks, as I patiently wait for more details on a couple of items. But for now, I’ll reveal one of my better scoops: I have a very trusted inside source who has mentioned to me that Brenda Buenviaje — the chef and namesake behind San Francisco’s beloved Brenda’s French Soul Food — will be opening a sandwich/po-boy spot in the Fillmore District. I’m told that the timeline for the new venture is set for the next six months or so, and that the new restaurant will feature a bar that offers beer and wine. If I can get any additional insight as to what else might be on the menu, or a specific name for the restaurant, or a specific locale, I’ll be sure to let you know.

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