Quabili Pallow & Mantoo @ Kamdesh Afghan Kabab House, Oakland Chinatown


Quabili Pallow @ Kamdesh Afghan Kabab House, Oakland Chinatown.

It’s almost too hot to blog, but here we go: With any luck, my forthcoming ebook will be available for purchase by early August. It has been written, photographed, edited, re-edited, and it’s quickly becoming time to stop obsessing over every detail and to just push it out into the world. I’ll wait until it’s actually published before I reveal the title and subject matter.

Writing an ebook for the last three months has meant that I’ve been Napa bound nearly every weekend, and quite frankly, I’ve missed eating my way though the Greater Bay Area. The foods that I’ve been eating recently have been decidedly Western, so I was craving something more exotic, something from the other side of the world.

Kamdesh Afghan Kabab House not only fit the bill, but it also reawakened my taste for Eastern flavors. The mantoo, pictured below, was the best dish that I’ve eaten in recent memory. Perfectly seasoned ground beef is encased in pockets of tender dough and topped with yogurt sauce and sauteed vegetables. It’s a wonderful appetizer.

The main course, pictured above, was quabili pallow, a staple of traditional Afghan comfort food. Although the dish may look vegan-friendly, quabili pallow features a braised lamb shank (surprise) buried below a generous mound of brown and white rice. Raisins and carmelized julienne carrots provide a sweet counterpoint to the lamb’s inherent gaminess.


Mantoo @ Kamdesh Afghan Kabab House, Oakland Chinatown. 

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