Last Looks: The Pork Cheek Sandwich @ Bovolo, Healdsburg

Gone, but not forgotten: The Pork Cheek Sandwich @ Bovolo, Healdsburg.

A random day trip to Healdsburg brought a bit of sad news yesterday, as I learned that Bovolo, the quirky restaurant located at the back of Copperfield’s Bookstore, is set to close tomorrow, June 15th. Bovolo has earned some nice reviews and accolades over the years, and its Pork Cheek Sandwich, pictured above, had much to do with the restaurant’s positive press. I feel somewhat fortunate to have eaten Bovolo’s Pork Cheek Sandwich, a tender amalgam of swine, roasted red peppers and salsa verde, before the dish disappears once and for all. Yesterday, I asked if this sandwich will be available at the new Bovolo location, and unfortunately, it will not. From what I gathered, the new weekend-only spot, will have mostly cold-prep items, which would eliminate much of what made Bovolo great.

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The sad news.

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  • Loyal Fan from Berkeley

    This is really sad! The tasty thin-crust pizzas (egg and white truffle oil–wow!!), the best carbonara I’ve ever eaten, the constantly-changing selections of John Stewart’s incomparable salumi and perfect gelato and sorbetto. In addition there was the back patio area in sunny weather, friendly wait staff, and attention to detail from the kitchen. I haven’t even mentioned the breakfast menu items, also fabulous.

    This is a loss for Healdsburg; there’s not another place anything like it.

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