Yesterday’s Photos: Little Skillet, Pizzeria Picco, and San Francisco’s Botanical Garden

Three-piece Chicken and Waffle @ Little Skillet, San Francisco. Seven packets of Crystal Hot Sauce is the perfect amount for this scenario: Two for the leg, two for the thigh, three for the breast.

Since I’ve recently taken up golf (again), many of my weekends have been spent out burning up the links, rather than trawling the Bay Area for choice eats. But let’s face it: Mark Twain might’ve said it best when he quipped that golf was a good walk, spoiled. Either way, I needed more of a sure thing, and an excursion into San Francisco had become long overdue. I arrived at Little Skillet about an hour before closing, and naturally ordered their three-piece chicken and waffle, which was the largest portion on the menu. An offshoot of Farmerbrown in the Mission, Little Skillet defines the term hole-in-the-wall, occupying a quaint window space among the converted warehouses of Ritch Street.

Without a dining room — or even any patio furniture out on the sidewalk — Little Skillet relies upon a brisk take-out business that often generates long lines during lunch hour. Since scoring a seat is a moot point, the restaurant’s busy times are easily your best bet. Having visited Little Skillet during a lull, the food hit the window way too fast to have been prepared to order, not even the waffle. Despite this dubious timing, the food was still warm, and in terms of temperature, I’d actually call it just on the right side of borderline. All in all, Little Skillet passed. But fresh-from-the-grease is always preferred, and perhaps even reason to rave.

• • •

Margherita Pizza @ Pizzeria Picco, Larkspur.

Pizza is a great way to avoid rush hour. If I’m driving back to Napa from Oakland or Berkeley, the Gilman Exit off of Highway 80 leads to Gioia. Or, leaving from San Francisco, the Tamalpais Exit off the 101 leads to Pizzeria Picco. At 6pm yesterday evening, the latter choice made perfect sense. Rather than sit bumper-to-bumper on the 101, I drove into Larkspur and watched the sun dip behind the trees from the sidewalk patio at Pizzeria Picco. I ordered a Stone Fruit Salad (below), a Margherita Pizza (above), and a cup of Straus vanilla soft-serve with caramel sauce and sea salt. By the time I had paid the check, I had open road ahead of me.

Stone Fruit Salad @ Pizzeria Picco, Larkspur.

• • •

The Botanical Garden at Golden Gate Park has always been one of my favorite places to pass the time between meals in San Francisco. The overcast afternoon provided excellent lighting for some photos.

• • •

• • •

• • •

Entrance to the Garden of Fragrance, San Francisco Botanical Garden.

The Garden of Fragrance is a neat little section of San Francisco’s Botanical Garden. Unfortunately, pictures only tell a very small part of the story.

Lemon Verbena.

• • •

Lime Thyme.

• • •

Pineapple Sage.

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  • Barbara

    Sounds like a perfect day to me. Great traffic mitigating strategy, as well. Love the pictures!

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