Other People’s Photos: “Gourmet Island” by Anne Fishbein

Photo by Anne Fishbein, LA Weekly, 2010.

These days, I see lots of food photos. When you consider all the blogs, the magazines, and the cookbooks that have become available, there is so much more today than there was yesterday, and amazingly, there will be even more tomorrow. The photo above really caught my eye this afternoon, as I was flipping through the LA Weekly’s top food photos for 2010. I rely on the LA Weekly almost exclusively to keep up with Los Angeles food culture (as I did when I lived there for 10 years). The last I’ve heard, the Weekly’s Johnathan Gold is still the only food writer in history to have won a Pulitzer Prize, and more often than not, photos by Anne Fishbein accompany his reviews. This one was snapped at Alhambra’s Gourmet Island, which looks like a nice place to get shipwrecked. The uniform blistering of the pigskin really speaks to me. Hot damn. Someone already snacked the ears, though.

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