My Seven-Course Lunch @ Marea, NYC


Sea urchin on crostini.

A four-hour layover at JFK is just enough time to enjoy a seven-course lunch at Marea in Midtown Manhattan (for the record, this daring excursion afforded me just 20 minutes of leeway). That said, I will gladly risk missing a connecting flight for the opportunity to have a great meal in the Big Apple. After all, it’s all about priorities. Some said that it couldn’t be done, but I had complete faith in the New York subway system, and the E train was good to me.

Below is a trio of photos that highlights my favorite dishes of the afternoon. It was great to revisit the mean streets of NYC, even if only briefly. To check out a happening new restaurant and to meet up with an old friend from chef school was even better. After a rapid-fire succession of dishes, courtesy of my old CIA roommate, I spent my flight back to San Francisco in a serious food coma. Exactly what I needed on a cross-country flight.

• • •


Grilled octopus, over-the-top delicious.

• • •


Gnochetti with shrimp, a terrific pasta course.

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