Photos: Three Lunch Options from Wine Country and Elsewhere…

As I’ve mentioned here before, my goal in life is to only eat well, whether that means cooking at home or dining out. With that basic principle in mind, I definitely try to document everything delicious along the way, although sometimes certain meals get lost in the shuffle. And sometimes I may repeat myself, especially when I have certain favorites that I’ll revisit when I have the chance. I’ve actually mentioned all three of these lunches in previous posts, but never presented a photo alongside the article (I only upgraded my camera last May). Eventually, I’ll insert these photos into my past entries, but I wanted to give them a little shine on the front page as well.

The Chinatown Duck Burger @ Cindy's Backstreet Kitchen, St. Helena

For the duck burger at Cindy’s, the real draw for me isn’t so much the fact that the burger is made of ground duck; what really sets this burger apart is the “shiitake ketchup” that dresses the sandwich. For my January 2009 entry about Cindy’s Duck Burger, click here.

• • •

Pizza Slices @ Gioia Pizzeria, North Berkeley

My old buddy Ross, who lives in the Oakland Hills, got me hooked on Gioia a few years back, and whenever I’m parked on the 580 and I see the Gilman Street exit, I’ll often seize that opportunity to get a couple slices. I’d much rather eat pizza than sit in traffic. For my February 2009 review of Gioia Pizzeria, click here.

• • •

The Tri-Tip Sandwich @ Buster's Southern Barbecue and Bakery, Calistoga

The tri-tip sandwich at Buster’s is always a treat, as long as you don’t order the hot barbecue sauce. I can handle a fair amount of heat, but that sauce tests my limits, so keep that in mind. The cornbread muffin is one of the very best out there — it doesn’t actually require the pat of butter, although I use it nonetheless. Their fresh lemonade (not pictured) is also a terrific accompaniment. For my June 2008 entry for Buster’s, click here.

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