Tuesday’s Pizza @ The Cheese Board Collective, North Berkeley

Two slices, and then some: Mozzarella and Montalban cheese, red peppers, Kalamata olives, garlic olive oil. Please click the photo for a full-screen view.

To say that I’ve rediscovered pizza isn’t exactly accurate — I’ve never really gone too long without a slice. Let’s just say that my appreciation for pizza has been deepening for the last couple months. After a long week working in the kitchen, I woke up this afternoon with pizza on my mind. With a little motivation, I arrived in Berkeley just ahead of rush hour, and stopped by the Cheese Board Collective for their daily pizza special, pictured above. Since the restaurant offers just one type of pizza each day, Cheese Board pizzas are always vegetarian, which is actually okay with me, although I do also love the pepperoni pizza at Gioia. Part of the Cheese Board’s charm — aside from its grassroots credibility and its free-spirited nature — is the extra sliver of pizza that usually accompanies an order.

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