Restaurant Review: Oenotri, Napa

Hello, Sunbeam: The Margherita Pizza with Pancetta @ Oenotri, Downtown Napa

In terms of the restaurant scene, the City of Napa has done pretty well in 2010, adding all sorts of new dining options to its downtown roster, the most noteworthy being Morimoto Napa, which opened in July. Among the City of Napa’s other new additions, Oenotri certainly deserves mention, especially for its margherita pizza, which is pictured above with the pancetta add-on. For the last couple months, I’ve begun to rely on Oenotri for a pizza option, especially since the bar serves late-night pizza whenever there’s a performance at the nearby Uptown Theatre. As for tonight, I opted for an early dinner, and I was so pleased with how well Oenotri’s margherita pizza had satisfied my cravings, that I decided to order dessert as well. The butternut squash torte piqued my interest, especially since it offered such a great palate of fall flavors. The dessert was as tasty as I had hoped, and as a former pastry cook myself, the quinelle of gelato remains one of the better-executed examples that I’ve seen outside of a Michelin-star restaurant. Nice one.

The Butternut Squash Torte with Caramel Pumpkin Seed Gelato and Candied Squash Seeds @ Oenotri, Downtown Napa

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