Breakfast @ The Fremont Diner

Breakfast Sandwich @ The Fremont Diner.

Working nights in the kitchen can have its perks, such as being able to go out for breakfast any day of the week. With an old college buddy visiting the Napa Valley recently, a morning session at the Fremont Diner presented the obvious choice. Personally, I’ve already covered most of the Fremont Diner’s menu over the past couple of years, but it’s always fun to see someone marvel at all of the restaurant’s great, down-home selections. Besides that, I hadn’t been to the Fremont Diner in a while, so I was actually long overdue. Here are a few snapshots from Saturday (click photos for super-sized images).

Grits with Bacon @ The Fremont Diner.

• • •

Sausage Biscuit @ The Fremont Diner.

• • •

Salted Caramel Milkshake @ The Fremont Diner.

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