Revisiting the Lucky Pig @ Solbar, Calistoga


The Lucky Pig @ Solbar, Calistoga. Serves two.

When I launched this blog back in 2008, I didn’t have a camera, a fact that seems positively foolhardy to me now. A food blog without photos? What’s the point of that? Surely I had given myself far too much credit as a writer in those early days. After a year of blogging, however, I finally realized that photos were essential to this medium (duh), and I invested in a decent DSLR.

Five years later, I wouldn’t dream of posting a restaurant review without photos. To that end, I’ve been spending the last few weeks at the Accidental Wino cleaning house, deleting those half-formed posts that either don’t contribute much or that have become irrelevant over the years. But I’ve also come across several early posts that were pretty well written, but which lacked the artwork to make them truly compelling. My entry for Solbar’s Lucky Pig certainly fell into that category.

I decided that today was the day to finally drive up to Calistoga and give the Lucky Pig the shine it deserves. Honestly, I’ve been meaning to right this wrong ever since I purchased my camera four years ago. How come I haven’t? There’s an awful lot of food out there, and time flies here in the Napa Valley. But I had waited long enough. The only question was: Would I again be able to finish the Lucky Pig single-handedly, as I had so valiantly accomplished back in 2009?

Having skipped breakfast, this question was merely rhetorical. I actually polished off the Lucky Pig with ease (it takes more than a pound of pork shoulder to make me tap out). But even better than my 2-0 record, I’ve now got some photos of this porcine prodigy.


The Lucky Pig accoutrements: Bibb lettuce and black sesame crepes (left); Sweet mustard chili sauce, pickled pineapple, Mongolian peanuts, rice noodle salad, basil, mint, cilantro, jalapeño, and lime wedges (right). I love really thin pancakes.


2 comments to Revisiting the Lucky Pig @ Solbar, Calistoga

  • Laura

    Did you find it to be just as good as the first time? Solbar was our go-to place for years, especially with out-of-town guests, but the last time we went (this past July) both the food and the service were way off the mark. We’ve heard the same from others recently, too. I want to give it another chance, just in case they were working through a rough patch after their winter closure…but it’s a pretty pricey proposition for me, and the specter of straining the budget for another lackluster meal is daunting…..

  • I found the service at Solbar to be adequate. I had actually visited Auberge du Soleil for lunch last week, and in comparison, Auberge provided much better service. As for the food at Solbar, I’ve found it to be consistent. I’d say I’ve probably visited the restaurant three or four times this year. Always for lunch or breakfast, though.

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