Scouting Bay Area Sandwiches, and a Couple Other Half-Formed Thoughts

Hella Tasty: The Tri-Tip Sandwich with “The Works” (#84) @ The Brazil Fresh Squeeze Cafe, Berkeley. In this case, “The Works” includes fresh cheese, grilled onions, pineapple, jalapeño, lettuce, tomato, and cilantro-garlic sauce. One of the great sandwiches of the Bay Area, for sure.

Personally, I don’t think the apocalypse is upon us. If the world didn’t implode when Sandra Lee prepared her infamous Kwanzaa cake in 2003, then I think we’re probably good through 2012, and well beyond. However, with December 21st less than a fortnight away, it’s still as good of a time as any to clear out my “to do” folder. And why not? A couple of these photos have been in turn-around for months, so it’s time to finally give them some daylight. Other pics were part of a sandwich run-down that never really developed a decent angle or hook. So, yeah, I just said fortnight.

Turkey, Salami and Cheddar Cheese Sandwich @ Giugni W F & Son Grocery Co, St. Helena (pronounced joo-nee). I tend to order a “TSC” whenever I request a “non-specialty” sandwich from a deli counter. Until this caption, I’ve never eve referred to this sandwich as a TSC before, and I just realized it spells my initials. Mind blown.

• • •

Turkey, Bacon and Cheddar Cheese @ Sunshine Market, St. Helena. This is my preferred sandwich for a picnic on Spring Mountain.

• • •

The Ranch Burger @ The Lakeside Grill (Vintner’s Golf Course), Yountville. This burger is way under the radar when it comes to Yountville dining. With Swiss cheese and onion rings, it’s a beast. Sometimes you just need to go hit a bucket, and then have a burger, without any of the “Yountvegas” hassle.

• • •

Lamb Shawarma Gyro @ Zaki Merditerranean, Berkeley. Getting steak fries, in lieu of something more creative, such as Zaki’s taboulleh, is a bit gauche. I’m not perfect.

• • •

Carbonara Pizza @ Ca’momi, Oxbow Market, Napa. This is one of my favorite pizza spots in the Napa Valley, definitely in the top three or so. But I was hoping the “carbonara” idea would incorporate a runny yolk. And more bacon. They have better specialty pizzas than this one.

• • •

Pad Thai @ Sa Wad Dee Thai, Richmond. My favorite Thai spot in the Berkeley area, but I really prefer the Pad See Iew and the Angel Wings.



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