Silverado Brewing Company to Shutter in November

Get it while you can: The Fish and Chips @ Silverado Brewing Company, St. Helena.

If I could just editorialize on this latest bit of news, I think it’s shameful that the Silverado Brewing Company has to close its doors at the end of November, since Kendall Jackson has decided to cancel the restaurant’s lease. According to what I’ve heard around the valley, one possible reason for this decision is to give Freemark Abbey, which is owned by Kendall Jackson, more of a presence on Highway 29. Although unfortunate, this explanation does make some sense, since SBC certainly enjoys the best location on the lot (SBC is well-positioned along Highway 29, while Freemark Abbey is tucked into the back corner of their own property). However, this is a terrible trade-off for the Napa Valley, which will lose one of its key up-valley restaurants in favor of a very mediocre winery (yeah, I said it).

Of course, I must admit that I’m also a bit biased in this case; I sit on the board of Slow Food Napa Valley with the co-owners of Silverado Brewing Company. Over the past two years or so, our organization has held most of its board meetings there, which has been a true pleasure (great food makes for a great meeting). But even before I began to volunteer for Slow Food, I was already a big proponent of the Silverado Brewing Company. Several years ago, I used to pour wine at a little co-op tasting room in the area, and I used to eat lunch at SBC about twice per week. The fish and chips will always be my sentimental favorite.


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  • Chrissy

    Just another big company ordering up another smaller company to close. My friends got kicked out of their great spot in Napa (Eyeworks kicked out for Starbucks) I agree about the wine – they need to step up their quality not quantity. Goodbye to another great food place….

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