Six Pics: Some Bay Area Food for Thought

The Bear Burger @ Jodie's Diner, Albany Village. I think that's the name of this burger. Jodie's has dozens of off-menu items to choose from, and this burger is one of them. Regardless of its proper name, it's the cheeseburger at Jodie's that comes with a fried egg, and it can definitely compete with the Bay Area's best.

I just finished up Mother’s Day lunch and dinner service, which makes for a long but rewarding weekend in the kitchen. Before that, I found a few good things to eat, and they’re pictured here for your perusal.

• • •

The Bear Burger @ Jodie's Diner. Like any good burger, the Bear Burger warrants several napkins. Also, it's one of those burgers that's too risky to put down once you've picked it up, since you may only get one chance to gather all the parts at once. As you can see, I damaged the top bun just trying to prop this beast up for a closer look. It's equal parts unwieldy and delicious.

• • •

The Monte Cristo @ Jodie's Diner. File under: Hangover cure. Although this "Monte Cristo" is actually more of a French toast triple-decker sandwich, it delivers the calories nonetheless. That's French vanilla ice cream in the background (just kidding, it's a pitch-perfect potato salad).

• • •

The Charcuterie Plate @ Healdsburg Charcuterie. Had this app after a trip to Unti VIneyards, where I picked up their excellent 2007 Syrah (Unti's 2007 Benchlands Syrah is also a winner). As for the charcuterie plate, that's duck rillette in the middle and some nice pork products underneath the cheese.

• • •

Pork Shoga Yaki @ Norikonoko, Berkeley. This dish was one of the restaurant's specials. The pork was marinated in the classic soy-mirin-sake trio, but with an addition of ginger, as well.

• • •

Accoutrements @ Norikonoko, Berkeley.

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  • We finally went to Fremont Diner yesterday. Oh man. Delicious.

    I grew up on the type of rich soul food that they serve. However, after living in Cali for almost 5 years, I’ve learned to live without it. I’ve been living with food that doesn’t make me close my eyes in pleasure. I’ve been living with food that isn’t good enough to distract from the conversation and cause all diners to be silent in joy. But not anymore. Fremont Diner tasted like home. Yes, Cali food has soul.

    We had the fried chicken and waffles and the reuben with potato salad. The corned beef was not fuschia since it was house-cured (what a concept). It had the texture of a slow-smoked brisket and even had the charred ends. It was the best of both worlds–tangy pastrami and brisket all rolled into one.

    We ate in pure silence (both of us being Southerners enjoying this type of food so far away from home) and all I could think about was how excited I was to tell you that I ate there since I first read about this place on your site. Weird, since I don’t really “know” you, huh? Such is the internet.

    Oh, and Dublin Dr. Pepper? Never thought I’d see that ten feet outside of Waco, Texas. Perfect!

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