The Smoked Pork Nachos @ Lagunitas Taproom, Petaluma

One massive nacho plate.

I was driving back from San Francisco last weekend, when I decided to take a short detour up to Petaluma to check out the Lagunitas Taproom, which opened in 2009 (admittedly, Petaluma has been mostly off my radar). To describe the scene at the Lagunitas Taproom as anything less than raucous would be a gross understatement; the brewery’s sprawling outdoor patio, which was tented for the rain, was teeming with folks on this early Saturday afternoon. I was practically in awe at the spectacle. The beer garden was impressively loud with jubilant conversations, the community-style picnic tables nearly packed to capacity, and the bartenders barely pouring the beer fast enough to meet demand. Obviously, this is the place to be in Petaluma. Aside from a tall glass of refreshing pilsner, I also had food on my mind, so I ordered the smoked pork nachos, pictured above. Dressed with an abundance of pork shoulder, melted cheese, and barbecue sauce, the Lagunitas nachos were vaguely reminiscent of chilaquiles, which should be taken as a compliment, if anything. It was only after I had placed my order that I noticed the weekly lunch specials inside the menu. Somehow, I had missed an opportunity to try their bacon-wrapped meatloaf sandwich. Damn. Maybe next time.

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