Tacos La Plancha @ La Morenita, Napa

Tacos la Plancha

Tacos la Plancha

I’ve mentioned La Morenita in this blog before, even the very items pictured above, although this picture had been missing from my original review. For me, these tacos la plancha continue to stand out, if for no other reason than they represent a taco that is fundamentally different than most other tacos found here in Napa, which are quaintly assembled upon small, coaster-sized, two-ply tortillas. Among its brick-and-mortar restaurants and the army of local taco trucks, the Napa Valley boasts a few noteworthy versions of this particular taco, my favorite being the carne asada tacos at Azteca Market in St. Helena, where they also have great chicharrones and ceviche (if you happen to visit during the weekends).

But, all things considered, these tacos la plancha remain in a class unto themselves. Reading my review of La Morenita from October 2008, I think I pretty much nailed the description way back when, and so I will lazily quote from that entry: “I like to order the #12 plate, which consists of three tacos a la plancha. These tacos — named for their preparation on a flat-top grill — are a welcome departure from the typical two-ply, three-bite tacos offered here in Napa. The tortillas themselves are thick and sturdy, dense with corn flavor, and spotted with char-marks the size of coins. The interior of each taco is reminiscent of a quesadilla: a morass of meat, melted jack cheese, salsa roja, chopped onions and cilantro, and a thin avocado wedge. The cheese that oozes onto the griddle during cooking makes for a deliciously crispy first bite.”

2 comments to Tacos La Plancha @ La Morenita, Napa

  • Definitely want to try these!

    Soulstrut reppin.

  • Chrissy Robbins

    I finally had these tacos and they were spectacular! I put if off for a long time, but never forgot how yummy they looked in your article. And, the line at the end about the “crispy first bite” was spot on. Plenty to share, but I ate them all and promptly took a nap afterwards. Thank you for the great find!

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