Lokoya Mount Veeder 2005 Tasting Notes

Label of the 2004. I tasted the 2005.

Label of the 2004. I tasted the 2005.

I’ve often acknowledged that my blog entries on the Accidental Wino comprise only what I have time to mention, and that they account for only a small portion of my overall food and wine experiences. My approach to blogging has evolved as I’ve come to realize the utter futility of trying to be comprehensive. I’ve scaled back my efforts this year, as I’ve adopted a Michelin-style approach to food and wine criticism: the good places receive their due shine, while the forgettable places are mercifully omitted.

The reason why I mention this approach is because I have quite a few drafts in my queue at the moment. I have recent visits to Elizabeth Spencer and J Vineyards that I would like to detail, and I will try to get to them as soon as possible. But there is one wine that deserves to be mentioned before all of the others: the 2005 Lokoya Mount Veeder Cabernet Sauvignon. I tasted this wine at Cardinale last week (winemaker Chris Carpenter oversees both the Cardinale and Lokoya labels, as well as the La Jota label), and the profound depth of the wine has remained with me.

The 2005 Lokoya Mount Veeder offers dark expressions of violet and blueberry, which linger on the palate. The wine is smooth, integrated and balanced. Totally spot-on, and a rare combination of power and finesse. For me, this wine easily earns a place among my top 10 Napa Cabernets, and perhaps a spot in the top five. It’s serious juice.

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