The $20 Three-Course Lunch @ Restaurant August, New Orleans

The First Course: Wow, once I noticed that the pate de champagne offers no less than six condiments, I knew that I was in for something memorable. That's a bacon marmalade at 12 o'clock, and a strawberry marmalade at two o'clock. Not pictured, toasted brioche.

Perhaps it was fitting that my last meal in New Orleans was a quick Thursday lunch at Restaurant August. The lunch itself was unlike anything else I had during my 10-day visit in the Crescent City, where I had spent most waking hours trolling for the classic Southern comfort foods, such as gumbo, shrimp po-boys, and boiled crawfish. But even though the menu at August certainly features a distinctly Southern spin, the dishes themselves offer a refined elegance, the same type of elegance that pervades the Napa Valley. In that sense, my lunch at August felt like a segue of sorts, a reminder not only of where I’d been visiting, but also the place that I call home.

• • •

The Second Course: Breaded veal tenderloin over snow-white grits, with a rich sauce piquant. The small cubes of meat are indeed braised pork belly. An elevated version of grillades and grits, to be sure. If the Michelin Guide ever visits New Orleans, then Restaurant August will easily earn a star, no question.

• • •

The Amuse Bouche: Seafood custard with sabayon. Elegant and delicious.

• • •

The Third Course: Most of the desserts that I ate in New Orleans featured Ponchatoulas strawberries, including the one pictured above, which was pleasant but not memorable. On the other hand, the strawberry shortcake at Brigsten's Restaurant was epic.

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  • I know that the Guglielmo Family Winery in Morgan Hill. CA buys Charbono greaps from a nearby farm. I suggest you call and talk to one of the Guglielmo Brothers and find out the name of the farm.Joe

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