The Buongiorno Pizza @ Diavola Pizzeria, Geyserville

Diavola Pizzeria’s awesome oven.

Rarely would I preempt a food pic with a kitchen pic, but the oven at Diavola Pizzeria in Geyserville is worth top billing. While most wood-burning ovens prove a bit more utilitarian in nature, modest little brick houses, the inset mantles and monkish figurines of the Diavola oven, along with its racy red exterior, certainly set this beast apart. But it’s not all for show, mind you; there’s also the pizza to consider. During my last sojourn to Sonoma, I ordered Diavola’s Buongiorno, which is pictured below. As its Italian name implies, the Buongiorno (that’s “Good Morning,” here in the Golden State) is an ode to breakfast, with strips of bacon, herbed new potatoes, creamy onions, and of course, a farm-fresh egg, cooked sunny-side up. In the interest of complete disclosure, I should mention that the Buongiorno pizza isn’t an everyday staple at Diavola, so its availability can be limited. But never fear — Diavola’s auspicious oven can fire off a delicious Margherita pizza just as readily.

Good morning, pizza.

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