The Cheeseburger @ Andie’s Cafe, Napa (over by the Outlet Mall)

The cheeseburger at Andie’s Cafe: As tasty as it looks.

For most Napa residents, Andie’s Cafe might be better known as “that little place by the car wash that’s over by the outlets.” Anyhow, that’s how I’ve been explaining it for the last several years. Those Napa locals who have never eaten at Andie’s will usually mull over my description for a moment, just before the light bulb clicks on — “Oh yeah… I’ve seen that place!” In many ways, Andie’s Cafe is a kindred spirit to the Squeeze Inn, a great local burger joint that, due to its tucked-away location, is unlikely to see much business from out-of-towners. That’s okay, though. Not every great burger joint in the Napa Valley has to boast long, touristy lines in the style of Bouchon Bakery, Gott’s Roadside, or the Oakville Grocery. In an era when the Napa Valley “off-season” is becoming shorter and shorter with each passing year, a place like Andie’s can offer welcome relief from the maddening crowds. At such times, I recommend the cheeseburger, pictured above, although more exotic burger options are also available.

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