The Cheeseburger @ BANK Cafe and Bar, City of Napa

Cheeseburgers still get plenty of discussion around these parts, even though the Napa Valley is known more for its regal fare. The fact is, if you live here, you just can’t always eat foie gras (and anyway, there are definitely times when only a burger will suffice). In my article “The Tell-Tale Burger,” I go on record, arguing that the Rutherford Grill serves the best cheeseburger in the area. And as of today, I continue to stand by this claim, all the time fending off debates by folks who point to Cindy’s Backstreet Kitchen, Taylor’s Refresher, and all the rest (including In-N-Out, which will always earn “Best in Class” honors for being super-affordable). Honestly, I wouldn’t turn down a burger from any of those places.

My most recent cheeseburger was at BANK Cafe and Bar in the Westin, and I thought that the version pictured above was both tasty and spot-on. BANK Cafe is the satellite of La Toque (also inside the Westin), and its affiliation with chef Ken Frank’s Michelin-star restaurant carries some expectations, which I felt were met: I appreciated the house-made pickles and the grilled red onions, and I was actually quite surprised with the ripeness of the tomatoes, especially given the season. Although the bun pictured above was fresh and properly toasted, I still prefer the yellowish egg-buns that they feature at the Rutherford Grill. Considering that both cheeseburgers are priced at $14, this last detail was really the difference for me.

Still, you can certainly add the cheeseburger at BANK Cafe to the long list of “best burger” contenders here in the valley, and I look forward to exploring more of the restaurant’s menu in the future.

2 comments to The Cheeseburger @ BANK Cafe and Bar, City of Napa

  • Salty

    Have you been to Norman Rose yet for their cheeseburger? I would love to see a review from you soon for that establishment

  • El Gordo

    Great Salmon BLT and Pork cutlet at BANK. Have you tried the burger at Big D’s? Also, swing by Oenotri next to Norman Rose when you get the chance. Best Pizza, pasta and salumi in the Valley right now.

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