The Cheesesteak Sandwich @ Marin Sun Farms Butcher Shop, Point Reyes Station

The Cheesesteak Sandwich @ Marin Sun Farms Butcher Shop, Point Reyes.

Does a cheesesteak sandwich, by definition, always taste better in Philadelphia? I’m sure that many folks from the City of Brotherly Love would argue in the affirmative, and I’m not here to dispute this claim. But what can we say about a California cheesesteak with impeccable pedigree, one that contains grass-fed, pasture-raised beef from Marin Sun Farms? Can such a sandwich possibly compete with the heralded Philly cheesesteak? Or does the absence of Cheez Whiz — that classic staple of Philly — render this point moot? And really, would you even want to adulterate grass-fed beef with Cheez Whiz? Or is “adulterate” the wrong word in this case? Augment? Enhance? I suppose it all depends on where you’re from.

Suffice it to say, the cheesesteak sandwich from the Marin Sun Farms Butcher Shop, pictured above, represents Northern California through and through. This sandwich, with its local and organic ingredients, may not capture the essence of Philadelphia, but it’s delicious nonetheless. And, hey, at least this NorCal cheesesteak doesn’t contain any tofu. Even a hearty slathering of Cheez Whiz couldn’t help that.

• • •

While I’m at it, here’s a few photos taken at and around the Point Reyes Lighthouse, first lit in 1870. Click any photo (including the cheesesteak above) for a larger view.

Canopy of wind-blown trees.

• • •

View of the Pacific Ocean.

• • •


• • •

To the lighthouse.

• • •

There is a light that never goes out.

• • •

Interior view.


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