The Torta Cubanita @ La Condesa, St. Helena’s Main Street

The Torta Cubanita @ La Condesa, St. Helena.

As an advocate of the humble sandwich, I have to say, the selection of tortas at La Condesa in St. Helena is quite impressive, with lots of great variations and combinations of pork products to tempt the taste buds. I’ll eventually work through the entire menu. During my most recent visit, which actually led to an impromptu wine tasting venture to Sonoma, I ordered the Torta Cubanita, pictured above. Slow-cooked pork belly and smoked Berkshire ham highlight this panini-style sandwich, which arrives standard with leafy greens and house-made potato chips. As for other sides, how can you not order the $4 Mexican-style street corn? I, for one, cannot resist.

Not just corn on the cob.

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