The Demon Lover @ 900 Grayson, Berkeley

The Demon Lover (also known as chicken and waffles).

Whole Lotta Beige: The Demon Lover (also known as fried chicken with a waffle). Shoestring onions are pictured in the BG.

Given my last post, I suppose that a fried chicken theme is emerging here. It’s what I’m into at the moment. That said, I decided to head to Berkeley to catch a movie and to see about the oddly-named “Demon Lover” at 900 Grayson. I’m really not too sure about the name of this particular dish, although I do recall a movie named “My Demon Lover” from 1987. The film starred Scott Valentine, perhaps better known as Mallory’s obtuse biker boyfriend, Nick, from the television series “Family Ties” (later episodes only). “My Demon Lover” was a classic slice of 80s cheese, and a movie that I always associate with “Once Bitten” and “Mannequin.” What an unfortunate era.

The Demon Lover at 900 Grayson tastes like it looks, which is to say, it could definitely satisfy a general craving for chicken and waffles, although it wouldn’t supplant my specific cravings for Roscoe’s in Southern California (Gussie’s in San Francisco still comes the closest in that regard). Frankly, for $12 I would’ve been happier if there was one more waffle on the plate, and I much prefer my fried chicken on the bone (the menu does acknowledge that the chicken is in “paillard” form, however, so I knew exactly what to expect). All in all, it’s a perfectly palatable version of chicken and waffles. Like an 80s movie, just take it for what it’s worth.

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