The Fried Chicken & Waffles @ Lois the Pie Queen, Oakland

Chicken & Waffle @ Lois the Pie Queen, Oakland.

I’m set to revisit the Bay Area’s best chicken and waffle options, now that it’s been a couple years since I’ve hit up spots like Auntie April’s and Gussie’s. I’ve also never had the opportunity to snap a decent chicken-and-waffle photo at Lois the Pie Queen, which has been remiss on my part. So, first things first, the chicken and waffles at LPQ, pictured above. The chicken is nicely breaded and perfectly cooked through, while the waffle is in the style of Roscoe’s, wide and thin, with shallow pockets (I believe “pocket” is proper waffle terminology). You’ll notice that at Lois the Pie Queen, the chicken and waffle arrive on separate plates, which works well for those who don’t like their hot sauce to co-mingle with their syrup. But for me, I’m all for the melange of hot and sweet, so I usually fold the waffle in half to make room for the chicken. Then I go to work. Cash only.

Lois the Pie Queen (not actually open for dinner, though).

2 comments to The Fried Chicken & Waffles @ Lois the Pie Queen, Oakland

  • Holy Cow! Lois the Pie Queen takes me back to hungover mornings filled with biscuits and gravy. Do they still have the Reggie Jackson special? Oh what I wouldn’t do for a plate of that food right now. Yum.

  • The Accidental Wino

    They do still have the Reggie Jackson, and it’s on my “to eat” list!

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