The Lucky Pig @ Solbar, Calistoga


The Lucky Pig @ Solbar, Calistoga. Serves two.

It occurred to me today that I should probably have a “Pigs are delicious” category on this blog, since I frequently order “the other white meat” at restaurants. Then, I realized that “” would also be an excellent name for a website. And since I had a coupon for a free domain registration, I figured that I better secure before someone else does (you can now access my blog through this alternate URL, if you wish).

Of course, the impetus for this alternate URL had sprung from my own personal mantra: my longtime readers are keenly aware that, unless the meal is fried chicken, then I will often select pork as my main entree. In recent months, I’ve had the pork osso buco at Redd, pork chops at Bistro Jeanty and the Rutherford Grill, the pork arrosto at Bottega, the crispy pork sandwich at SPQR, and more carntitas burritos and pulled pork sandwiches than I care to remember. I suppose that the hook for the “Lucky Pig” at Solbar is that this $33 entree is actually recommended for two people. Whatever.

The “Lucky Pig” is one full pound of slow-roasted Long and Bailey Farms Duroc pork shoulder, which is served alongside a host of accoutrements, such as black sesame crepes, Bibb lettuce leaves, pickled pineapple, rice noodle salad, Mongolian peanuts, and a sweet mustard chili sauce. In addition to these selections, the meal is also accompanied by a generous side-plate of green garnishes, including lime wedges, a trio of mint, basil and cilantro leaves, and sliced jalapeño peppers.

The pork shoulder itself, which arrives in a small ceramic dutch-oven, is beyond tender, shredding at the mere presence of chopsticks. The idea is to first choose your vehicle — either a crepe or a lettuce leaf — and then to mix and match the shredded pork with its various accoutrements, which may vary according to the season. I definitely recommend requesting some extra rice noodle salad — it’s tasty, and it’s the item that I usually run out of first.


The accoutrements.


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