The Monte Cristo @ Mama’s on Washington Square, San Francisco

More than just ham and cheese.

I’m on the road to New Orleans at the moment, but I’ll leave you with the Monte Cristo sandwich at Mama’s in San Francisco. My introduction to the Monte Cristo sandwich itself was at the Blue Bayou Cafe at Disneyland. I was maybe nine years old, and I ordered it at the suggestion of my grandfather. A ham and cheese sandwich that had been batter-fried and dusted with powdered sugar? It was a revelation.

Mama’s on Washington Square is the model of breakfast efficiency, and the folks at Mama’s manage the (sometimes) long lines with aplomb. Of course, the food is always on the money. Is the Monte Cristo at Mama’s better than the version I remember so fondly from the Happiest Place on Earth? Actually, it’s been way too long to compare the two. But, childhood memories aside, I suspect Mama’s wins the day.

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