The New Torta Cubana @ Bistro Sabor, Downtown Napa


The Torta Cubana @ Bistro Sabor, Napa.

I was cleaning out some virtual folders when I discovered yet another photo that I had to cut from my forthcoming ebook. Too bad, it was a nice pic, if just a little off-topic for my purposes.

If you’ve been reading this blog since early 2011, you may remember an earlier post about this torta. But one thing has changed since then: The Latin fries, pictured above, have replaced sweet potato chips, and the although the chips were fine, these fries are stellar.

I’m a French fry junkie, and in most cases, I think that seasoning fries with anything other than salt is usually a mistake. I’m definitely not a fan of the famous garlic fries at AT&T Park; to be honest, I think all that raw chopped garlic is off-putting and kind of silly.

But Bistro Sabor really hits the mark with their Peruvian spice blend and cojita cheese. These fries are addictive. As for the sandwich itself, Bistro Sabor’s torta remains the same, which is to say, it’s still delicious. That’s nothing new.

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