The Oyster Po-Boy @ Hog Island, Oxbow Market, Napa Valley

Technicolor sandwich: The Oyster Po-Boy @ Hog Island Oyster Company, Oxbow Market, Napa Valley.

This is the last po-boy I’m going to eat for quite a while. It’s funny, I spent all of last week in New Orleans eating as many po-boys as I possibly could, only to return home to the Bay Area to eat a few more. Normally, on principle, I wouldn’t even follow a New Orleans po-boy with a California po-boy (at least not so closely), but I have an upcoming review for Pinchit, where I’ll cover a few of the Bay Area’s better po-boy options. So even though I felt like I hit my personal po-boy quota while I was in the Big Easy, I battled through three more California po-boys earlier this week. And so that’s gonna be it for a while. Gimme a pizza.

• • •

I actually covered the topic of Bay Area po-boys on these pages way back in 2010, but the local po-boy landscape has changed a little since then, including the addition of the Boxing Room in Hayes Valley and the “disappearance” of Yountville’s Bardessono Restuarant, which is now Lucy Restaurant (and without a po-boy on its menu). Therefore, thanks to Pinchit for giving me the motivation (in the form of a deadline), my po-boy article from 2010 is now back to being current, and with much better photos, as well.

Hog Island’s Oyster Po-Boy, pictured above, benefited the most from my recent po-boy re-shoots. My 2010 photo from Hog Island was an over-head shot that was pretty much all bun. Boring. Today, I captured more of the brilliant colors of this tasty sandwich, from the remoulade-dressed red cabbage to the bright pink hues of pickled cauliflower and fennel. The oysters themselves, Sweetwaters from the California Coast, are fried to a perfect golden brown, as well. This sandwich won’t take you to the Crescent City, but it will take you to a good place.

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