The Pulled Pork Sandwich @ BarBersQ, Napa


The Pulled Pork Sandwich @ BarBersQ, Napa. Delicious.
And the Macaroni & Cheese is not to be over-looked.

Bacon has become the easy punchline these days. This ethos of  “add bacon to it, make it epic” is bound to jump the shark sooner or later. Not that I’m predicting an actual bacon backlash. Bacon will certainly not become disco (which I actually happen to love, but that’s for another time). But honestly, hasn’t bacon been either mixed, combined, or infused with just about everything feasible at this point? It’s officially become overkill, and as a result, bacon has been rendered (pun intended) a creative short-cut of sorts. A culinary crutch. Having pretty much seen it all at this point, I’m now looking for something more elegant from bacon — not just bacon for bacon’s sake. Is this a treasonous stance? Perhaps. But let’s just remember that there are other parts of the pig, such as the butt, which is actually the shoulder, that we ought to celebrate. After all, pulled pork requires just about as much effort as bacon, and when executed correctly, can be equally as captivating.

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