The Run-Down: Some Bay Area Food Pics to Consider

Roast Duck Banh Mi Dip @ The Kitchen Door, Oxbow Market, Napa.

Having worked at Martini House back in 2007,  it would be impossible for me to offer an unbiased opinion of the newly-opened Kitchen Door at Oxbow Market — truthfully, I know too many of the staff, and in some cases, I already know the food (a handful of the Kitchen Door dishes, including the mushroom soup, are vestiges of chef Todd Humphries’ former Martini House menu). That said, it’s worth leading off this most recent photo purge with a snapshot of the Kitchen Door’s roast duck banh mi, a sandwich that — along with the “Lahmajune” Armenian pizza — definitely ranked as a front-runner among dishes that I most wanted to try. My short and biased opinion: The banh mi was good. The presence of the dipping broth definitely spins things in a new direction, and the Southeast Asian jus complements the sandwich well.

• • •

Gorditas al Pastor @ La Morenita, Napa.

The best Mexican restaurants in the Napa Valley are attached to markets: La Luna in Rutherford; Azteca in St Helena; and especially La Morenita on Jefferson, near Lincoln. The latter earns my vote for the best and most interesting tacos in Napa. I’ve been fixated on La Morenita lately, and I hope to publish a picture of their sopes before too long.

Carnitas Tacos la Plancha @ La Morenita, Napa.

• • •

Garlic Pork @ China Village, Albany.

• • •

Rice Crackers with Peanut Sauce @ White Lotus, Berkeley.

• • •

Sandwich board outside Gioia.

• • •

Herbed Flatbread @ Kitchen Door, Oxbow Market, Napa.

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