The Squeezeburger with Cheese @ The Squeeze Inn, Napa

The Squeezeburger with Cheese (obviously) @ The Squeeze Inn, Napa.

The calling card of a Squeezeburger is unmistakable: Each cheeseburger is adorned with a skirt of melted cheddar cheese, rendered crispy-thin on a flat-top grill until it’s roughly the dimension of a jukebox 45. In terms of practicality, the trick is to neatly tuck this excess cheese underneath the patty before eating, although my “encasing” trechnique certainly isn’t the only approach (some folks tear away the entire circumference of cheese and eat it on its own; others may tear away just enough cheese to gain an entry-point). One of the few truly great burgers in Napa, the Squeeze Inn is a locally-owned outpost of the franchise’s original Sacramento storefront (the other two Squeeze Inn locations can be found in Galt, of all places, and Roseville). Although the Sactown location was profiled by Guy Fieri on “Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives” a few years ago, the Squeeze Inn Napa continues to thrive on a locals-only feel. Nestled inconspicuously alongside Vallergas Market on Redwood Road, the restaurant is easy to miss, but definitely worth seeking out.

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  • sfmitch

    I visited the Squeeze Inn last May and the burger and fries weren’t very good at all.

    The burger tasted ‘off’ and the bun was too big. The fries were homemade but missed the mark.

    I was very unimpressed.

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